Playful Foxin’ Wins Slot

Foxin’ Wins is a bright and stylish 3D slot game with plenty of bonus games and cool features. The theme centers around a rich but rather cheeky looking fox, jumping in and out of frame as you spin the reels in his mansion. In the game you will also see puppies, leprechauns and pots of gold. The music is joyful and the gameplay is simple, suiting all types of players on all types of platforms. The popularity of the game has already called for a sequel, named Foxin’ Wins Again.


In the Foxin’ Wins slot, the spin-button is a pillow lying on a classic red armchair. You can land wild symbols such as golden fountains and bundles of cash on the reels. There’s a possibility of spinning and winning on 25 different paylines, and you can check the various payline diagrams by clicking on the information button (which is also a pillow) on the bottom left of your screen.

How you bet

Foxin'WinsWhile you can adjust the number of paylines you wish to play with, the coin denomination in Foxin’ Wins ranges from 0.01 to 2. There’s also a Superbet feature where you can potentially trigger more wilds and wins on the reels in exchange for a slightly higher bet. Hiding inside the reels are a bunch of cute fox puppies, ready to pop out and turn your ordinary icons into wild symbols. You can easily turn off this feature or alter between Superbet level 1 or 2.

What you win

In the Foxin’ Wins slot, you can win often but on a lower scale. If you manage to hit five wild symbols on one reel, you can get a payout worth 2000 coins. Enabling the Superbet feature while also paying attention to the bonus game will likely provide you more chances to win big.

How free spins work

Landing three or more golden pot symbols on the reels will trigger 10 free spins and the chance of doubling your win on each spin. The Foxy Funds is a random bonus feature that could be triggered after a winning spin. The cheeky fox will reappear with a new pot of gold for you, adding even more coins to your score. The Leprechaun Shake Down is another random bonus feature where you and the cheeky fox will try and chase down an even cheekier leprechaun. If you can catch him, you will be awarded.

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