What is casino bonus

Take Advantage of The Casino Bonuses

What Is A Casino Bonus

All online casinos offer one kind of bonus or other and it is difficult to choose from among them. While choosing a bonus, you shouldn’t do so solely on the basis of the size of their bonuses on offer, but for the benefits offered as well as the potential rewards to you too. The following are the most important types of online casino bonuses.

• Welcome bonus: This is the most popular and welcome of all bonuses, although you can obtain it only once at an online casino. This is also called a sign-up bonus that is meant to greet you on your first deposit. It is generally a credit offered by a casino that is equal to a specified percentage of your fists deposit of 100 percent or bigger.

• Match Deposit Bonuses: Online casinos want to show you that they very much appreciate your making the initial deposit. As you deposit an amount of a specific size, the casino will come out with a reward you, by granting you a certain percentage of the cash, besides your first deposit. This is usually 50 percent or higher and is termed a match deposit bonus.

• No Deposit Bonus: This is an absolutely free bonus given to you for you to start well at the casino. This is by far the most generous something that a casino provides to their gamers. To get this bonus, you don’t have to make a first deposit before begin playing.

• Free Play Casino Bonuses: This is in the form of free credits the casino gives to its new players. This type of bonus ought to be played within a specified time limit, predefined by a casino. With this type of bonus, punters are allowed 30/60 minutes to play, one or other of the games provided by the casino.

• Free Spins Bonuses: Free spins are given to play slots alone. Usually, a casino offers you free spins on new slot games or the highly popular ones. To avail themselves of free spins, a player should log into their account and begin the game or pay a qualifying deposit. Free spins are allowed only by means of any fix bet.

• Cashback bonuses: This is basically a bonus offered to compensate for your losses if any, for a specific time frame, such as a week or even a month.


Casino BonusWhen you make an account with an online casino, you will be offered what is called a deposit bonus. There are various kinds of bonuses and the most common type is a sportsbook bonus. This entails an online cafe to match your initial deposit with a specific percentage. Usually, you are allowed to play using the bonus amount as soon as you get it, although you should bet the bonus amount a prescribed number of times and at a specified minimum odd before you can withdraw your bonus amount. This process is termed a turnover requirement. It is always a wise thing to read the Terms & Conditions of the casino to find out about their Turnover requirements.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of bonuses to choose from. After going through the pros and cons of the many online casinos, you can go along and make your final choice of the casino that offers you the maximum rewards at minimum cost to you. Then you can visit the casino’s website, make your first deposit if necessary via your favoured method, redeem your online casino bonus, and enjoy your game! Playing the casinos is not just done for the potential rewards alone, but for the challenge and enjoyment of the game.

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