Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights Casino Review

With the Middle East on your mind, you should play Arabian Nights. It will take you way back in the past with mystique and memories of your favorite Arabian characters. Developed by Net Entertainment, you will find elements of your favorite stories including Aladdin and Sinbad.


Arabian NightsArabian Nights is an online five-reel slot. There are a total of ten pay lines that can be played, and you get the benefit of a progressive jackpot. To get started, a player can make a spin with as little as £0.50 and for those who like to take risks, the highest stake one can make is £5.00 for each spin.

The icons in this game include the tent, slippers, camel, fez and the swords. Added to this are icons from a standard playing deck, including the 9, 10, J, Q and K. The scatter symbol in the slot game is the magic lamp, and the scatter symbol pays when it appears on any position on the reel.

How you Bet

To get started and place a bet, you need to choose the setting that best suits your requirements. You can play manually or an automatic game. You then place a wager on the slot and spin. For each time that you spin, there is a minor sum that is added to the super jackpot for any player to win.

What you Win

In the event that a player manages to get five swords across a pay line, they can win up to 2000 coins. For lower values such as three nines’, one can win a total of three coins. These represent the highest and lowest amounts that can be won, and there are different values in between to add to the excitement of the game.

If you want to win the progressive jackpot, which sometimes reaches monumental prize money of £2 million, you need to get a total of five wild symbols on one pay line, ensuring that you have the maximum wager at stake.

How Free Spins Work

Like all great games, you will find that this game has lots of free spins. To get a free spin, you should have a total of three “lamb” scatter symbols on any of the reels, and fifteen free spins are all yours.

This is the perfect slot for you is you are looking for an online game that has an excellent story line, pays out regularly and enables you to make small and safe bets.

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