Siberian Storm

Siberian Storm, The Cool Game Dropping Coins


Siberian Storm, an innovative Video Slot game, was developed by IGT. In a matter of five years, it has turned out to become one of the most sought after Video Slots in the gaming field. As its name conveys, it comes with a snow clad theme, replete with a similar background as well as several cool symbols. The elaborate graphics will make you plunge into the game straight away. The game sports five reels and lots of bonuses that will make you feel like playing the game without stop, and go for that big win.

How You Bet

Siberian StormWith Siberian Storm, the minimum bet is 0.50, and you can go as high as 500. The cool stakes as well as the wide variation make the game highly attractive to high rollers, who are gritty enough to go straight for the win, and don’t want to waste their time, playing for small stakes. At the bottom of every reel, you can see buttons that makes it extremely easy for you to find out the amounts of bet being placed at a given time. All you need to begin playing the game is to watch the value of the coins as well as the total bet areas and hit the Spin button.

What You Win

The most that you can win while playing Siberian Storm is a whopping 109,210 times your bet. Thus, even if you don’t have much money to play the game, you can still leave the game with a big win in your pocket, if you happen to be lucky. Besides, you also have a Jackpot of a generous 50,000 coins to be won, and with the house edge remaining around a mere four percent, your chances of winning are very high.

How Free Spins Work

You need to be very patient while playing this game, as it might take some time for any free spins to appear, and at last when they do, the payout is worth the wait. Free spins become activated when you happen to score 5 green eye symbols on a total of 5 reels in a row, providing you with 8 free spins. If by chance, you land on more than a group of green eyes, you will get an opportunity to gain a generous 96 free spins on a single winning spin. And if you are so lucky as to see orange eye symbols appear while playing bonus spins, you will gain anywhere between 8 or a mind boggling 240 free spins.

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