2can slot machine-The Toucan Bird


Developed by Aristocrat, the 2Can game is based on the Toucan bird. The bird is actually seen on the bonus icon of the game. This game, just like many other games started as a normal land based slot machine, but due to its w2canonderful features, it became popular very fast, and the developers decided to make an online version. It comes with a variety of features which include, free bonus spins, scatters not forgetting a whopping 50,000 jackpot.

2can can be played on both the Mac and Windows computers. The graphics are of high level, and they are gentle to the eyes. No matter what level of slot machine a customer is, 2can is definitely a game that will be fun and enjoyable. The theme is inviting and will make playing easy. The tropical paradise is the perfect place one can get when playing a slot machine. The game has many clues. The shapes, numbers, and symbols all set in the jungle, are of great help and customers can find what they are looking for. Just pick up symbols that match and get rewarded credit to the tune of 250-1000.

This game uses the standard aristocrat win line slot set up. Three rows and five reels. The line numbers are adjusted, but customers can choose from between 25 and 125 credits for every spin. This gives them a minimum of $50 spins and a maximum of $650. There is an auto spin which allows a customer to select from 5 to 50 spins.

How to bet

To play 2can for real money, select, or choose a bet between 50 credits all the way up to 625. The coin betting range starts from $0.02 up to $5. Players also have the option to select how many of the 25 pay lines they would love to activate and use.

What you win

It is the winning symbols that make up this toucan game. Symbol translates into coins. There are symbols worth 2000 coins for 25 credits, Some symbols are unique like the leopard which has 1000 coins for five credits. Flowers spreads up things in this game. Five flowers anywhere on the reels will net a customer 3750 coins.

How frees pins works

In free spins- the number you start with will depend on the number of the flowers in the triggering spin. Three flowers get you ten spins, four flowers get you 15 spins, and five flowers will get you exactly five spins. A unique behavior comes with this bonus, this. In this spin, when a wild toucan comes on the screen, it flies away coming back with a friend. The new bird unlocks some new wins.