Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer Slot Review

The Jack Hammer is a slot game that is brought to you by leading developer Net Entertainment. It has a cartoonish theme that reminds the player of a comic strip, as it is based on the popular Jack Hammer Marvel Comic. It continues to grow in popularity and is one of the most loved online video slot games from Net Entertainment.


Jack HammerBefore you get started, take some time to watch the intro as this brings the entire comic strip experience to life. You will find that there are 5 reels and 3 rows. The result is a total of 25 pay lines. When you win, there is considerable fanfare as the icons in the game tend to take on a life of their own. These icons include a ringing telephone, car case, chemical filled cup, Evil Zeppelin, Evil Dr. Wuten and the Jack Hammer himself.

How You Bet

In order to bet, you need to select a betting limit. The lowest amount that you can bet is €0.25 and if you want to net a massive win, you can try a maximum bet of €250 on each spin. This means that as a starter, you can make a bet that feels safe and comfortable, and as a high roller, you can place a bet which speaks to your desire.

What You Win

Your winnings are based on the overall pay out rate which is currently a generous 97%. Although the jackpot is non-progressive, the jackpot that is up for grabs is a generous 250,000 coins. The larger your stake the more you can win, reaching a cash amount of £10,000.

How FreeSpins Work

It is possible to net a mega win with the free spins feature. To trigger it, ensure that you land at least 5 or more free spin symbols while on the reels. The lowest number of free spins you can enjoy is 10, and the maximum that you can experience is 30. While the free spins are ongoing, you can win even more free spins if three or more symbols for the free spin appear on the reels. The more you play, the higher are your chances of winning.

The unique format of this game makes it attractive and exciting. With so many free spins to be won, you can be sure that you can make a great profit on any bet that you place on the site.

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