Rock Star

Rock Star Slots


Powered by Betsoft technology, Rock star is a 5 reeled, 30 payline video slot available on many online Casinos worldwide. The theme is inspired by the infamous Rolling Stones and their rock and roll status. The symbols include music notes, band members, guitars, and pretty much all things rock and roll. The design pays tribute to 80’s rock, however is appeals to a larger demographic than those who love the Rolling Stones. There are many graphics and the the game Is bright and flashy.

The game is mobile friendly and operates in instant play or when downloaded. The interface is user friendly and the graphics and sounds make the game an overall enjoyable experience that is both unique and fun. The game is also available to be played for free if players are looking for fun or if they are looking to play a few practice rounds.

How you Bet

Rock StarChoose Coin Bet is the button that users must press to adjust their stake prior to playing. The range is from 0.02 to 1. The number of paylines can be modified by selecting “Select Lines” and finally selecting “Bet Per Line” gives players the freedom to choose how many coins to bet per play line. There is the option to play manually or an Autoplay option as well. The more a player bets, the more they could win, however, the game aims to cater to players of all levels.

What you Win

Epic Solo Bonus game is an bonus game that offers the opportunity to win big. The Jackpots are impressive and progressive and with the features and bonuses, players have a great chance of walking away with impressive winnings. The Bonus round is a prime example of this. Three Ticket Icons triggers this game and allows the player to play the notes that will earn them credits as they play. 5 matching lead singer symbols will win pl
ayers the 100 coin bonus Jackpot.

How Free Spins Work

This game has a few wild symbols : the Gold Records, which multiply wins by 2X, and Platinum Records, which multiply by 5X; when combined or played together, these 2 symbols multiply wins by 10X. Free Spins are generously given and offer the players more play time and more access to impressive Jackpots and winnings. The Free Spins and Bonuses are not lacking in this game, but players who bet more and play more evidently increase their opportunity to access Free Spins and big winnings.

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