Best mobile slots

The Best Mobile Slots

Slots Developed for Mobile

A large number of popular video slot games have been updated and reinvented specifically for use on mobile phones. They feature smoother and more vibrant graphics than ever before as well as a whole host of impressive extras that gamers are sure to love.

  • Best mobile slotsChoy Sun Doa is one of the most memorable and fun slots out there. This game is also known as God of Wealth and as the name suggests, the game has a strong Chinese theme. The theme is well represented by the imaginative graphics as well as the background that gives players plenty to feast their eyes on while they spin. This has to be one of the most eagerly awaited slot games, as Choy Sun Doa has long been a popular land based casino game. Players can now enjoy the fun no matter where they are, and this cute game can be very addictive.

Slots Bonuses for Mobiles

The most popular type of slots bonus that is offered to users of mobile casinos is the free spins bonus. This allows gamers to play certain types of slot games for free for a designated number of times. Other bonuses that are awarded may include in game cash to use on certain slot games and bonus points.

Games for Mobiles

  • Book Of Ra Classic is one of the most popular mobile slots around and the game puts players right in the heart of the action with its colorful and engaging graphics. Members of the exciting mobile casino are taken on a mysterious journey through ancient Egypt to solve puzzles and ultimately spin the slots to win prizes. One of the things that make Book Of Ra Classic one of the most popular mobile slots is that the reels look and feel very realistic. Players can get the experience of being inside a real casino with all of the sights and sounds by using a mobile casino when they are on the move.

Popular Mobile Slots

  • Five Dragons is an exciting Asian-themed slot that really brings the orient to life. This is one of the most successful additions to the mobile casino and like many of the leading, it is extremely addictive and fun to play. The game was originally released in 1997 and has been reinvented and modified for the mobile casino. Five Dragons brings all the magic and mystery of slots right to your mobile. The vibrant graphics of this game are one of the most alluring features. Players will want to keep their eyes open for the special Chinese dragon and lantern icons as they spin around the screen.
  • Dolphin Treasure – not only is this mobile casino game extremely exciting, it is also very easy to play. People who are new to mobile slots will be able to get to grips with the action immediately and there are colorful and interesting symbols that perfectly follow the aquatic theme. This game is ideal for casual players who have a little time to kill and want to unwind for a while, although more serious players will also find plenty to keep them interested.
  • Pelican Pete – this has quickly become one of the most popular mobile slot games, largely because of the amount of free spins and bonuses that players can enjoy. The bonus round is extremely generous and players simply need to score three lighthouse symbols on the first three reels to enter the bonus stage.

Usage of Mobile Phones Increases

As a result of the availability to use mobile phones to play slot games, it is only natural that the usage of mobile phones has increased. This gives fans of slot games the freedom to play wherever and whenever they wish and this is a great way to kill time when traveling.

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