Mansion Casino

Dare to be Decadent at Mansion Casino

Mansion Casino Review

People who want to recreate the luxurious and exciting experience of playing at the world famous Les Ambassadors Club in England right in their own home are sure to love Mansion Casino. This stylish online casino was launched in 2004 and aims at offering gamers the same great atmosphere and range of games as its icon.

Gambling Experience

One of the first things that visitors to Mansion Casino are sure to notice is the huge range of slot games that are waiting to be tried. These come in all styles and make sure that there are plenty of options for even the most experienced online gamer to enjoy. The range of table games here will not disappoint and there is actually more variety to enjoy than in Les Ambassadors Club itself. In fact, there are more than 150 different games to choose from including a number of exciting live games that come complete with a live dealer and really help to create the illusion that gamers have actually taken their seats at one of Les Ambassadors Club’s highly coveted tables.

Gambling Providers

The diverse range of games that can be found at Mansion Casino has been created by Playtech games, which is one of the leading online game and software creators in the world. The company has provided Mansion Casino with a huge collection for gamers to choose from and the collection is constantly being updated and added to.

General Bonus Terms

Mansion CasinoIt makes for new players of Mansion Casino to make a large initial deposit as they will be treated to a 100% deposit match bonus up to a value of £200. This bonus will automatically be added to the cash in gamers’ account so that they have much more to wager on their favorite games. Every Tuesday, gamers are also given a special 25% reload bonus when they deposit a minimum of $50, while they will be given a further $50 bonus for every friend they refer who starts playing at Mansion Casino. There are also lots of other special bonuses and hot deals to take advantage of and gamers should make sure they keep an eye out for all of the latest offers.

About the Mobile Page

The same great gaming fun is now available in the palm of player’s hand thanks to the smooth and efficient mobile application. Playtech has really pulled out all the stops to create a mobile gaming platform that works wonderfully on all of the most popular modern devices and there are still hundreds of great games to be found here, while the special touch screen option adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay that customers are sure to love.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The banking section of the Mansion Casino site has been specially designed to be very comprehensive and flexible. No fewer than fourteen different currencies are accepted, which helps to make sure that players from all over the world can use it with ease. In order to make a deposit, gamers simply need to select the currency that they wish to use as well as their preferred payment option from a very long list. Lucky players who have managed to strike it rich will also find that the withdrawals are fast and easy to utilize.

Customer Service

Gamers will have no trouble getting hold of a n=member of Mansion Casino’s customer service team as support is available around the clock every single day of the week. The quickest way to get a response is by using the special online live chat feature, while phone and email support are also available.

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