Video Slots in the UK

What Is a Video Slot

Unlike the conventional slot machines, video slot lacks any moving parts; it is rather a representation in vivid graphics of the game that is displayed on a screen. As players are in effect playing a video game, the companies dealing in video slot machines can provide additional interactive elements, like bonus games and video graphics of an advanced nature.

Besides ,the video slot machine design is not hampered my any mechanical limitations. So, most of these machines come with five reels, instead of the older three. This increases the number of possibilities enormously: a video slot machine can contain as much as 50 symbols on a single reel, offering odds as high a whopping 300 million to 1 odds, something that is sufficient even for the biggest jackpot. Since the five reels incluVideo Slots in the UKde a whole series of combinations provided by these reels, it is not necessary for the manufacturers to weight any payout symbols. This means that symbols that pay high will usually be displayed only a few times on every reel, whereas the common symbols that earn a more recurrent payout, appears several times.

Video slot machines, in general, encourage players to wager on multiple “lines”, instead of merely choosing the middle one of the three symbols seen on every reel. This means that a line can move from top right to bottom left, or in any pattern as specified by the slot manufacturer. As all symbols are equally probable, a player can take one or all of the potential lines offered, with the result that the long-term gain to a player will remain the same. The only difference for a player is that as he/she plays more lines, the more possible it is for him/her to earn money on a specific spin.

After playing for some time without winning, players might feel that their money is slowly ebbing away. To offset this feeling, casinos usually offer bonus games, something that can return their bet many times. In this way, gamblers are encouraged to keep on playing until they reach the bonus. This is true even if they are losing, for the bonus game can let them win back their losses.

Small and Large Wins

In order to make large wins on video slot machines, you
should bet big so that you can obtain good payouts. And there is also the mysterious factor called luck which means you should have enough luck to win a good payout and that too before losing your entire bankroll. By playing small wagers you stand to win only small payouts, generally speaking.

In case, you get lucky enough to hit it big, so much the better. However, you should also be disciplined enough to stop playing after a big win. If you want to go on playing for many hours, chances are that you will lose all your hard-earned winnings.

Different Slot Games

Wherever you go in the world, you will find almost the same slot games being played in online casinos. The more important games are Blackjack, Roulette, Three Card Poker, as also Baccarat and these are the most common in almost of all of the betting regions. Among these Blackjack remains the most popular game, because players enjoy the elements of strategy as well as luck involved in playing the game. In Asian countries in general, players are more interested in Baccarat, because they like the challenge of manipulating their cards, always hoping luck favors them.

There is a whole host of other unconventional video slot games inspired by the popular computer games such as Boomanji, Robocop, The Exterminator etc. As far as playing games on video slot machines, the sky is the limit.