Jack Hammer 2

What Jack Hammer 2 Is All About


Jack HammJack Hammer 2er 2 is a video slot betting game that is a sequel to Jack Hammer which is made by Net Ent. In Jack Hammer 2, the lead character pursues the villainous Don Crabby who has abducted the beautiful songstress Pearl. The game utilizes fifteen independent reels each exploring a different story line and it has ninety-nine bet lines and also includes the trademarked Sticky wins, Free spins, and the Wild symbol.

Jack Hammer 2 starts with a brief animated film which introduces the players to the game’s lead character, namely Jack Hammer a detective and the protagonist, Pearl a jazz singer and the damsel in distress in this game, and Don Grabby the main antagonist in the game. During the rest of the game, Jack Hammer enlists help to find and save the beautiful Pearl on what is bound to be an epic action packed adventure. It is accessed online through the personal computers.

How To Bet

A person needs to have a user account, and then, there are several coin bets one can choose from in Jack Hammer 2 which are namely: fifty cents, twenty cents, ten cents five cents, two cents and one cent. Jack Hammer 2 is played with ninety-nine win lines, and one can choose from ten different bet levels and various coin values. The bet level refers to the number of coins one can play with each spin. The coin value is the amount of money one coin is worth. To
get the bet amount per spin, the bet level is multiplied by the coin worth.

What Is Won

The winning is in the form of huge cash prizes and the game can be played for free, but still have the chance to win huge cash prizes. When making a subsequent spin, the previous sticky spin is used as an allowance for that particular relation. If the player gets more winning symbols or combinations during subsequent spins, these are also preserved, and the reels are spun again. This continues for as long as more winning symbols or combinations appear.

How Free Spins Work

With consistent participation in the game, an individual wins free Spin rounds which take place in Don Crabby’s secret lair where Pearl is tied and suspended over some electric eels, while Don Crabby is threatening to let go of Pearl and let her plunge into to her death. For Jack Hammer to save her one has to play the Free Spin where they are likely to win. After the Free Spin round is finished, Jack Hammer Saves Pearl Once again. Jack Hammer has shown himself to be a great detective, and the individual has won great prizes along the way.